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The firewalls, failovers and redundancies of our secure web hosting provider severely limit the chance of your website going down.

Secure Web Hosting

Secure web hosting

Whenever possible, we prefer to host the bank websites we build. It adds efficiency throughout the development phase and allows us to more directly address any issues that might crop up down the road.

SSAE-16 compliant web servers

BrownBoots reserves firewall-protected, secure web servers located in SSAE-16 compliant data centers, which includes redundancies and multiple power sources. This severely limits the likelihood of website interruptions. These servers are owned by ServInt. The secure web hosting includes failover protocols, which means that if the web or data server goes down, a backup sever will handle requests until the original server is back online.

Additionally, our websites are saved and stored in multiple locations, giving us the ability to restore website content quickly if an unforeseen issue arises. And because no webserver is infallible, Monitis monitors the network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We charge $125/month for hosting, which is billed annually for the coming year. Those $300 invoices, typically mailed in December, help us cover the rental costs for the web and database servers.

Our secure web hosting services feature:

  • SSAE-16 certified data centers
  • Firewalls
  • 24/7/365 Monitis monitoring
  • Failover protocols
  • SSL certificates
  • Emergency procedures
  • Redundant back-ups in three physical locations

Other options for secure web hosting

If you would rather host your site elsewhere, the next best solution is to host on a Linux/UNIX server running Apache web server 2.x and PHP 5.x where PHP is compiled into the web server. In order for us to utilize our full complement of web development tools, the hosting server must have a full PHP 5, MySQL 5.x support and server-side includes.

Bank websites hosted on servers that do not meet these requirements will limit the web development tools at our disposal. While the use of IIS servers that reply on ASP are an acceptable industry standard, we do not have the expertise to provide high-quality solutions for our clients in that particular environment.

SSL certificates

We integrate secure socket layer (SSL) certification for all of our bank web design projects. SSL certification allows us to encode login data exchanged over the internet between your customers’ computers and your website. The cost for a Standard SSL certificate is $25/year plus $120/year for a unique IP address, which is required for SSL certification.

If further security is required, we also employ Extended Validation (EV) SSL, which features “green bar” visual assurance for your customers. In conjunction with the padlock icon, the green address bar informs your current and prospective customers that they are visiting a trusted site — the official website of your bank or credit union. EV SSL certification is $578 with a two-year commitment.

Whichever level you choose, BrownBoots is happy to manage the authentication process.